Our lab-grown emeralds are sustainably created in controlled environments. This commitment reflects our stance against unethical and unsustainable practices, including groundwater pollution, deforestation, child labor, and the displacement of local communities

Real Emeralds

Lab-grown emeralds are considered authentic emeralds because they possess all the essential qualities and characteristics that define emeralds. They have the same chemical composition, primarily beryl, with trace amounts of chromium and vanadium, which gives them their distinctive green color. They also share the same physical, and optical properties.

Growing Emeralds

At Akind, we are committed to redefine the future of fine jewelry. Our exclusive use of lab-grown emeralds significantly reduces environmental impact compared to traditional mining, preserving natural resources and avoiding ecological harm. Additionally, we uphold ethical standards by avoiding issues like child labor and unsafe working conditions associated with mining.


At Akind, we are committed to redefine the future of fine jewelry. The negative impact of traditional mining is widespread. Working exclusively with lab grown emeralds ensures that our stones are significantly more environmentally friendly, free from conflict, created in controlled environments, and are more affordable.