Warranty & Guarantee

Akind Jewelry

Akind guarantees a lifetime warranty of your Akind jewelry to be free of manufacturing defects purchase. Manufacturing defects can include clasp breakage, loose diamonds or loose prongs.

Manufacturing defects do not include general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings, lost jewelry, or jewelry damaged due to improper cleaning or storage.

Because we stand behind our designs and our manufacturers, any third-party or outside jeweler altering your jewelry will void your warranty with us! Have a question about your piece or questions on how to care for it? Please reference our FAQ or reach out to care@akindstore.com and we can help!

Special Occasion Rings

Akind guarantees our rings to be free of manufacturing defects. If you believe your ring has a defect, you are able to send it back to us anytime for inspection where we will repair or replace your ring as deemed appropriate. Manufacturing defects can include missing pave stones (stones under .07ct), and loose prongs. As each ring is made-to-order and crafted by hand, slight variations in each ring are to be expected, and are not viewed as a defect. If the damage is deemed outside of a manufacturing defect, we’ll always let you know the price of any repair before beginning any work on the ring.

This warranty does not apply to the replacement of a center stone, or any stone larger than .07ct). Manufacturing defects do not include general wear and tear, scratching, discoloration due to contact with harsh chemicals, warped rings or lost rings/center stones.

Because we stand behind all our designs and our manufacturers, any third-party or outside jeweler altering your jewelry will void your warranty with us!

To be eligible for the warranty:

  • Please be sure the ring and diamond was not exposed to unreasonable force or harmful conditions.
  • The ring needs to have been stored and handled correctly. Any abused, altered or incorrectly cleaned ring is not eligible for return.
  • Ring needs to be in the possession of the original purchaser, as this warranty is not transferable.

Have more specific questions about our warranty? We’re happy to explain further. Just send an email to care@akindstore.com 

Diamond Warranty

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty for all of our sustainably created diamonds. We guarantee our listed gradings of our created diamonds to be accurate. When you purchase a diamond of .25 ct and above, it comes with an Akind certificate. We stand behind our products and warrant their graded characteristics. In the unlikely case that your diamond turns out to not meet or exceed a characteristic promised in the certificate, we will, at your option:

  • Accept the return of the diamond and provide you with a refund of the full purchase price; or
  • Replace the diamond with a diamond that meets or exceeds each of the characteristics warranted.

The condition of the diamond will be determined by examination under no greater than 10x magnification, and by standard gemological techniques. The accuracy of angles and linear measurements will be determined by the following tolerances: ±0.2º and ±0.02 millimeters.

For 1/4 ct:

  • .25ct average diamond weight (.23 -.27ct diamond weight)

For 1/2 ct:

  • .50ct average diamond weight (.47 minimum) (.47-.53ct diamond weight)

If you decide to grade your diamond on your own, please note that diamonds must be graded as loose stones and cannot be set in engagement rings and then graded, as settings can be obtrusive. A well-trusted facility such as GCAL, IGI or GIA must grade the stone, and not a local jeweler in order for it to have relevancy.

Should you make a claim under this Warranty, you allow us to:

  • Inspect the diamond and any gemological evaluation on which you base your claim; and
  • Try and resolve your claim amicably.

To be able to claim this warranty, the diamonds must not be exposed to unreasonable force or harmful conditions. This warranty does not apply to product that has been stored or handled incorrectly, abused, altered, treated with the wrong cleaning methods. The warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, cuts or scratches; consequential or incidental damages. The warranties are to the benefit of the original purchaser of the product. They are not transferable.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. The warranty does not, in any way, affect the rights given to you by law.

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