Black Stack Set

2 950 kr 3 450 kr
Color: gold
Mini Black Diamond Ring Size:
Basic Stacking Ring Size:

Minimalistic and simple, yet contemporary. Paired up for the perfect stack where the black diamond blends with 14k gold. 

Mini Black Diamond Ring (€225 value) 
100% recycled 14K gold & 0.04 ct brilliant cut lab diamond 


Basic Stacking Ring (€120 value)
100% recycled 14K gold

(This offer is limited until 13 January, or while stock lasts, and cannot be combined with any other promotions)

- Cut: brilliant - Color: black - Carat: 0.04 ct - All Diamonds are sustainably grown lab diamonds

Recycled Gold

All our jewelry is made of 100% recycled solid gold, not plated or filled. This is why our pieces won't oxidize or discolor. Instead, they will last forever and be passed on to new generations.

Lab Grown Diamonds

We only use lab-grown diamonds because they offer significant environmental advantages over mined diamonds. The idea is similar to planting a tree in a greenhouse versus foraging it in the woods. Still real, just more conscious.

Hand Made & Quality

Quality is our mantra. We believe people are wanting a piece of gold that lasts forever, and so all our products are designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision.

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