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Our Story

We are committed to real change

Doing things well is both choice and a duty, and we’re doing our best not to deviate from it. For us, the quality must be exceptional, but never at the expense of our environmental and ethical principles. Therefore, we use sustainable materials and partner with factories committed to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical methods. We are not a 100% sustainable company, however, we actively work toward reducing the footprint we leave behind. 

Materials to feel good about

At Akind, we believe in products that last. Our jewelry stem from sustainable and ethically sourced materials. This gives us a peace of mind that we’re not destroying nature, but rather preserving what’s already there. 

Recycled Gold

All our jewelry is made of 100% recycled 14K/18K solid gold, never plated or filled. This way our pieces won’t oxidize or discolor. Instead they will last forever. Our 14K gold gives better durability and hardness compared to 18K and doesn’t bend or wear out as easily. 

Lab Grown Diamonds

Our diamonds are sustainably grown above ground, in a laboratory that recreates the same conditions that form diamonds underground, but only requires a fraction of the resources of mining operations. The idea is similar to planting a tree in a greenhouse versus foraging it from the woods. Just as real as mined diamonds but with significant environmental benefits. All our diamonds come with VS1 clarity and D-F color.

Exceptional Quality

Quality is our mantra. We believe people are wanting a piece of gold that lasts forever, as opposed to buying fashion jewelry that they’d throw out in a few years, and so all of our products are designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision. 

Our jewelry is designed in-house in Stockholm. The style is Scandinavian; timeless, delicate and minimalistic, and created for all occasions. Our production is located in Andalucía, Spain, where our jewelry is handcrafted by a third generation family business. Their unique experience of producing delicate gold jewelry makes them experts in their field.

Honest Pricing

We strive to provide each customer with a world class buying experience. Transparency is therefore central to Akind. We believe our customers have a right to know where their jewelry comes from and how much it cost to make, and so we reveal the true costs behind our production stream. By selling directly to you we avoid traditional mark-ups and give you exceptional quality to a fair price. We call this honest pricing.