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Recycled Gold

All our jewelry is made of recycled solid gold, never plated or filled. This way our pieces won’t oxidize or discolor, instead they will last forever.

Solid Gold

To give you confidence in our quality, we stamp all our pieces with the gold purity and the hallmark “Akind”. We are registered with Swedac - the Swedish authority regulating and supervising businesses that sell precious metals. They certify that our jewelry contains the amount of gold stated in our hallmark.

14k means there is 58% gold in the jewelry. All our jewelry is made of 14k gold. This makes it perfect for everyday jewelry.

18k means there is 75% gold in the jewelry. We offer our Special Occasion rings in 18k, yellow or white gold, as made to order.

100% Recycled

Recycled gold is made by melting down existing jewelry, metals or electronics. This produces gold that is chemically identical to newly mined gold. We work with recycled gold in order to reduce our environmental impact. By not sourcing our gold from mines, we take a stand against harmful waste, over-consumption of water, air pollution, and human rights violations. Because one single gold ring can, create a staggering 20-tons of mining waste, which contains toxic chemicals that contaminates nearby water supplies and soil.

How we source our Gold

Step 1

It starts with a refinery in Madrid who buy in reclaimed gold. They are certified by LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance securing that the golds origin is ethical.

Step 2

The reclaimed gold is extracted and refined until it reaches its purest form: 24k gold.

Step 3

Once the gold is refined, it will be melted down to around 1,000 degrees°C and poured into bars marked by purity.

Step 4

Our factory in Andalusia buys the pure gold and mixes it with silver, copper, zinc and iridium to reach the desired Karat.

White Gold

White gold jewelry has the same pure gold content as our yellow gold. The difference is the metals it’s mixed with. The production process remains the same as for yellow gold but silver and palladium are added to the mix. We finish off the process by coating the metal in rhodium for a shiny surface. This coating will naturally wear off over time and should be reapplied when needed.

Sustainability Certified

The LBMA's mission is to enforce transparency and integrity for the global precious metals industry. Their program verifies the legitimacy of gold and silver supply chains, ensuring sourcing meets international ethical standards. By keeping suppliers accountable, they combat money laundering, terrorist financing, human rights abuses, and harmful pollution.