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Lab-Grown Gemstones

Real, minus the mining

We prioritise responsible practices. Our Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires are therefore produced in controlled laboratories, embodying identical qualities and characteristics as their mined counterparts. This choice reflects our stance against unethical mining practices, recognizing the benefits of innovative technology. Just as real, minus the mining.


Lab-grown emeralds are made with the same chemical composition found in mined emeralds. They contain aluminum oxide, beryllium, and small traces of chromium and vanadium, which produce their unique green color. These elements are combined and subjected to high temperatures in a pressure vessel using a hydrothermal method.


Lab-grown rubies are created by melting aluminum oxide together with a small amount of chromium, which gives rubies their red color. This mixture is heated and slowly cooled to form tiny crystals. These crystals then grow around a small seed crystal until the ruby reaches the desired size.


Lab-grown sapphires are created by mixing aluminum oxide with specific elements that provide the desired color, like titanium or iron for blue. These ingredients are melted together, then slowly cooled to form tiny crystals, and like rubies, these crystals gradually grow over time around a small seed crystal until the sapphire reaches the desired size.


The negative impact of traditional mining is widespread. By exclusively working with lab-grown gemstones created in controlled laboratories, we significantly reduce the environmental impact compared to mining operations. This ensures both higher and consistent quality.