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Get your ring size

Unsure about your ring size? No worries! We've got you covered with three simple measuring methods. Let's get started on finding that perfect fit!

Measure a ring you own

  1. Choose an existing ring that fits the desired finger
  2. Measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring in mm
  3. Use the chart below to find your ring size

No ring to measure? - Measure your finger

  1. Wrap a strip of paper around the desired finger
  2. Ensure the paper is snugly wrapped, the tighter the better
  3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance (in mm)
  4. If it’s between two sizes, use the larger size
  5. Use the chart below to find your ring size

Measure with a Ring Sizer

Our ring sizer is a simple and reliable tool to determine your ring size. Simply order one here, and we'll promptly ship it to you by post, allowing you to measure your finger and get your exact size.

Our size:
Internal Diameter (mm)
Circumference (mm)
15 47 H 4.25
15.5 48 J 5
16 50 K 5.5
16.5 52 L 6
17 53 M 6.5
17.5 55 O 7
18 57 P 7.5
18.5 58 Q 8
19 60 R 8.5
19.5 61 T 9.5
20 63 U 10
20.5 64 W 11
21 66 X 11.5
21.5 68 Y 12

Still can't find your fit?

Speak to a member of our customer care team.