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Our Sustainable Journey

Like every other business, we have a responsibility towards ourselves and our customers to minimize our environmental footprint. For every piece of jewelry that we make, every diamond we grow, every package we ship, AKIND harms the planet. It is all connected to the fact that we produce, sell, ship and store products. And so, every happy customer comes at an environmental cost. It would be possible that stop selling our jewelry would help us diminish harm to the environment. But we choose not to. Instead we prefer to focus on changing the behavior of our industry; from the way we sell to the way our customers spend. For instance, by creating affordable jewelry that will last we make it easier for consumers to shop sustainably, or by shifting from mined diamonds to lab-grown diamonds we help reducing the impact that mined diamond exploration have on the environment (ARTICLE).

Despite that we aren’t able to claim being 100% sustainable, we could state that we are a driver for change in our industry. Without hesitating, we can guarantee that we will actively work towards reducing the footprint we leave behind. To do this, we will keep on educating ourselves on the topic. So far, we’ve learned that there are no shortcuts. It’s an ongoing effort in measuring, improving, sharing, and learning throughout the bumpy process towards being sustainable. We hope that others in the industry will join us in prioritizing action over intent. It is not about AKIND, it is our collective responsibility.